photo of Kat Black, artist Kat Black
The Workshop
3405 Kenyon St. Suite 102
San Diego, CA, 92110 USA

Kat Black started her young adult years on a journey that was taking her in a very different direction than where she ended up. She spent 3 years in real estate before changing directions and following her dreams. Discovering her affinity for a career in hairdressing at the tender age of 14, Kat, the native Oklahoman, packed her bags for the big city and moved to Los Angeles where she pursued her education at what she decided was the best school to nurture her skills. She quickly found herself at the top of the list at Paul Mitchell The School in Sherman Oaks, California as she earned herself a position on the Student Council, Design Team, Mentoring program, and an honors status as a result of her outstanding customer service and retails skills. 

Kat caught the attention of Melissa jaqua & Abe barron even before she graduated as she was requested personally to assist both on a regular basis in the salon in both Los Angeles and San Diego as well as at their numerous educational events. Her hard work and pursuit of her passion had paid off as Kat immediately secured a position at their San Diego-based salon before she even graduated from school! 

Photoshoots, international educational events and salon management are now a regular part of of Kat Black's life as she continues to work harder than ever doing what she always knew was exactly she wanted to do!  "We are thrilled to have someone as passionate about everything she does," as Abe and Melissa now can't imagine running their business without Kat as a part of their team!